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Three Reasons Chiropractors May Recommend Yoga For People With Desk Jobs

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If you work at a desk, whether you’re an intern or a high-ranking official, you may suffer from a host of health problems and even more health risks. In addition to being an enjoyable hobby that doesn’t require as much physical exertion as running or working out at the gym, yoga’s gentle improvements in areas like flexibility and mindfulness can give you a host of other benefits. These benefits can work directly toward diminishing some of your lifestyle risks and improving your health overall. Here are three benefits that make great reasons for office workers to practice yoga on a regular basis. 1. Back pain Even if you sit in a supposedly ergonomic office chair, the amount of time you spend sitting may increase back pain by causing muscles to tense and stiffen for long periods of time. You’re especially likely to get a back injury this way if you don’t keep excellent posture at all times throughout the day. Yoga can both help relieve back pain and help prevent further back injuries. It can relieve a sore back by gently stretching back muscles after a long day sitting at the desk, and it can prevent further back injuries by strengthening your back muscles gradually over time so they can support you better and by increasing your range of motion so that your movements are less likely to accidentally pull a muscle. 2. Tension Whereas your chiropractor can release a great deal of built-up tension each time you visit, a yoga session can release tensions one day at a time to keep you in a more comfortable state throughout your week. This can help prevent injuries related to stress as well as tension-related headaches and other problems. The oftener you can release tension, the better you’ll feel. Releasing tensions each day also helps you to prolong the benefits of each chiropractor visit since stress and tension are the enemies of the new range of motion you may gain each time you have an adjustment.  3. Posture By stretching all the muscles in your body gently and helping you get a better feel for where they are and how they should be supporting you, yoga can help you improve your day-to-day posture. This is another great way to increase the  benefits of your chiropractic treatment. The problems poor posture can cause are manifold because it can place pressure on your spine and strain the wrong muscles as well as cause other painful problems. These three benefits often cause chiropractic professionals to recommend yoga, especially to office workers who are at high risk for issues like back problems and repetitive strain injuries. If your chiropractor hasn’t previously recommended yoga to you, consult with him or her to determine whether now is a good time in your life to take up yoga. For a chiropractor, contact a company such as Dils...

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Understanding It And How To Find Relief

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that results in unexplained extreme fatigue. In some cases, it can worsen when you partake in mental or physical activity of any sort. Unlike some fatigue, CFS cannot be improved by resting. The actual cause of the disorder is not known and experts believe that a number of factors can trigger the syndrome. Since it can take multiple medical tests and significant time to determine whether a CFS diagnosis is necessary, you could suffer considerably mentally and physically. Read on to learn more about the disorder and what you can do about it, including seeking the help of a chiropractor. Some Facts About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that over one million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with CFS. The CDC says that CFS is more prevalent than lupus, multiple sclerosis and several different types of cancer. Women are four times more at risk than me to develop the disease and it typically occurs to individuals who are in their 40s or 50s. There is no evidence that suggests it is contagious, but it may be heredity. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fatigue Sore throat Headaches Loss of concentration or memory Muscle and joint pain Extreme exhaustion that lasts over 24 hours Lack of quality sleep Aside from the actual symptoms, there are also potential complications that can occur with CFS, including missing time from work, inability to enjoy certain lifestyle activities, social isolation, and depression. How to Relieve Some of the Symptoms As mentioned earlier, it can take time to receive a diagnosis of CFS. Until that diagnosis is received, you are left dealing with extreme exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, lack of sleep and more. While you’re waiting for that diagnosis, there are a few things that you can do to help manage the symptoms of CFS, including: Partake in regular exercise, which may help you experience fewer symptoms. Reduce stress, which usually makes your symptoms worse. Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol, saturated fats and refined foods. Add supplements to your daily routine, including magnesium to reduce fatigue, vitamin B12 to boost energy levels, beta-carotene to improve your immune system, Omega-3 fatty acids for fatigue reduction, and melatonin to help you sleep. Seek the help of a chiropractor, as spinal manipulations may be able to reduce pain, increase flexibility, reduce joint inflammation and boost energy. If you are being tested for chronic fatigue syndrome, you may want to talk to a chiropractor in your area about the potential benefits of weekly adjustments. For a local chiropractor, contact an office such as Dimond Chiropractic...

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Three Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Injury When First Getting Active

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Taking up an exercise routine after being sedative for a long while can be exciting. You can’t wait to lose weight and improve your health. Unfortunately, as someone who is new to the world of physical activity and fitness, you are rather prone to injuries. To ensure you don’t end up spending the next few weeks on the couch with a pulled muscle or overuse injury, take these three precautions as you ease your way into your new fitness routine. Make regular visits to the chiropractor. Using proper form is of the utmost importance whether you’re lifting weights, running, or doing dance aerobics. If you do not carry your body properly throughout these activities, you put excess strain on certain muscles and may end up with an injury. It is tough to maintain proper form when your back is out of alignment—and so many people who have been sedentary have poorly aligned backs. Seeing a chiropractor to ensure your spine is properly aligned before you get too far into your physical fitness routine will make it easier to carry your body properly and avoid injury. Keep in mind that chiropractors can help treat issues with all joints—not just those in the back. If you have pain in your knees, hips, or ankles, for example, your chiropractor may be able to recommend some stretches and exercises to ease the discomfort before it progresses to the point of being a full-blown injury. Wear the proper shoes. Your shoes help absorb shock, so your joints don’t have to absorb so much of it. This is incredibly important when you’re just getting started and your joints are not used to being used so much. If you plan on running, purchase running-specific shoes, which are designed to ensure your foot lands properly when you stride. If you plan on playing tennis, basketball, or another sport that involves twisting and turning, buy shoes made for that sport – or you may find yourself turning an ankle when you bend too quickly. When you feel sore, take it easy. When you first start exercising, you’re going to feel sore—a lot. It’s important not to push yourself too far when you are sore, since what starts as soreness can progress to being an injury if you push through it. On days that you’re sore, take it easy. Just go for a light walk and do some stretching instead of partaking in your normal routine. As you become more fit, the days you are sore will become fewer and further between, so you can have fewer walk-and-stretch days and more hard...

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Three Reasons To Give Chiropractic Care A Chance

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Regardless of the health issue you’re facing, it can occasionally be challenging to begin the process of seeking help. Whether you’ve had mixed results with a certain type of health practitioner in the past or can think of other obstacles that appear to stand in your way, you might feel resistant to book an appointment. This approach, however, will limit your ability to find relief from what ails you. Chiropractic care can help you successfully manage a variety of health issues. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, now’s the best time. Here are three reasons that chiropractic care is worth trying. It Isn’t Time-Consuming Many people forgo health-related appointments because they have a limited amount of free time in their schedules. One of the key benefits of seeking care from a chiropractor is that appointments are often short. While your first appointment is the longest because the chiropractor needs to discuss your health history, evaluate your body and determine a treatment plan, follow-up sessions are typically short. Although the exact length of subsequent appointments depends on your health issue, you can often expect to spend no more than 20 minutes in the chiropractor’s office. This short amount of time means that you shouldn’t have trouble fitting an appointment into even a busy schedule. Your Company Health Insurance Often Covers It If you’re concerned about having to pay for your chiropractic care, it’s important to check your company’s health insurance plan. Many plans will cover chiropractic appointments, which means that money no longer should feel like an obstacle. Although every health insurance plan has different parameters, many plans will allow the chiropractic clinic to bill the insurance provider directly, while others will require you to pay for the session and then submit your bill for reimbursement. Either way, you can feel relieved to know that this valuable form of healthcare won’t cost you. It Addresses More Than Back Pain While many people closely link chiropractic care with providing relief from back pain, the reality is that this form of treatment can help you manage a long list of health issues. In addition to performing adjustments to relief back pain, neck pain and headaches, you can often experience positive results from seeking chiropractic care for a compromised immune system, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome and even high blood pressure. It’s worth calling your local chiropractor to discuss your specific health issues and see if the doctor has had positive results with patients with similar...

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Two Important Things to Do before Your Massage Therapy Appointment

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If you have recently booked a massage therapy session, then you are likely looking forward to feeling relief from muscle strains and soreness. However, you may be a bit nervous about the experience if you have no idea what to expect. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do before the treatment to make the most out of your appointment. Eat Protein Massage therapy is typically to help relax, soothe, and repair the soft muscle tissues across the body. There are many types of massage therapy that can be performed, but most varieties are completed to assist with the healing of a certain group of tissues after an injury or strain. Your massage therapist will use either light or firm pressure to break apart scar tissue attached to your muscles, or the pressure will release knots. This will encourage the formation of new and healthy tissues across the area. If you want to help your body rebuild tissues and help with the healing process, make sure to eat a small meal of easily digested protein before your appointment. Eggs, quinoa, chickpeas, yogurt, nuts, and fish are few good examples. Eat your high-protein meal about two hours before your massage therapy appointment. This will allow your meal to digest. This will also prepare your body to form new muscle strains and collagen, and you can avoid the passing of gas during your massage, too, since protein rich foods can sometimes cause these issues. Drink Plenty of Water If your body is dehydrated, then your massage therapy appointment may not be a pleasant one. Without enough water in the body, the muscles can cramp and tighten even more. This can cause pain and tissue stress during the massage. Also, water helps to keep the skin moist and plump, and this helps the therapist to roll the skin as the tissues underneath are kneaded. Skin that is not hydrated will stick in place and lead to massage movements that are not nearly as fluid. Also, water helps to transport nutrients to your muscles so they can heal and rebuild quickly after your massage appointment. You should always try to drink between two and three liters of water a day for optimal health. Make sure that at least one glass of water is consumed about two hours before your appointment and another about 30 minutes beforehand. Of course, make sure to use the restroom a few minutes before meeting with your therapist too, because a full bladder can be uncomfortable during a...

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3 Surprising Causes Of Back Pain

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Some aches and pains have obvious causes. But back and neck pain can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere, without a cause at all. This post will discuss three of the most surprising back pain causes that could come into play the next time you wonder why your back aches. 1. Excess Phone Time Your spine is made to stay straight, aside from its natural curves. When you spend a lot of time with your head forward and down (the way it is when you’re looking at your phone, tablet, or laptop), you strain the muscles in your neck. You may feel pain localized to your neck, or shooting pain down the length of your spine. Give your neck periodic breaks while you text or catch up on your favorite show. 2. Improper Shoes You know the wrong shoes can make your feet hurt, but they can also cause tension in your back. High-heeled shoes force you into a toe-to-heel motion, rather than the other way around. This position results in instability that you may feel from your knees to your shoulders. Backless shoes also cause problems because they allow your feet to slide around. This changes your body weight distribution and puts more strain on your back. Wear the right size shoes and only wear heels or flip flops for short periods of time. 3. Stress Stress causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms, from trouble sleeping to stomach aches. It also contributes to overly tight muscles. When the muscles in your back stay perpetually tightened, you increase your risk of injury and muscles spasms. With stress-related tight muscles, you also have a harder time treating back pain that originates from another cause. Give yourself time to unwind after a stressful situation, whether you’re taking a bath or just taking a break. It may also help to add a low impact form of exercise to your daily routine. Activities like walking and swimming decrease stress. As a bonus, they also encourage healthy posture and, by extension, a healthy back. Whether you know the cause of your back pain or you suffer symptoms you can’t explain, address these concerns with a chiropractor. Chiropractors use manual manipulation, massage, and other therapy techniques to realign and strengthen your back.  Don’t let one of these subtle sources keep your back out of commission. Follow the tips above and talk to an experienced chiropractor to overcome these...

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4 Reasons People Visit A Chiropractor

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There are many reasons for someone to visit a chiropractor. If you aren’t quite sure whether or not visiting a chiropractor is right for you, these examples may help you better understand just how a chiropractor can help you improve certain aspects of your health and lifestyle. Here are four reasons people visit a chiropractor: Helps With Athletic Performance: Many professional athletes and even those who are working their way up to professional athletics visit a chiropractor. This is because chiropractors help to manipulate the spine in a way to improve range of motion. When range of motion is improved, it prevents injury, improves balance, and ensures that the joints move in a way that is healthy and does not put strain on them. On top of this, many athletes visit chiropractors when they have been injured because chiropractors can help speed up recovery, which allows athletes to get back to playing in no time.  Improves the Immune System: People who often find themselves getting sick, especially those who suffer from seasonal allergies find that visiting a chiropractor is really helpful. This is because chiropractic treatment helps to release more immunoregulatory complexes in the body. This is what creates a healthier immune system, which prevents you from getting sick as often, as well as allows you to fight off allergic reactions more easily.  Helps Children Develop Good Habits: During adolescence, people develop poor habits, including poor posture. When this happens, the child will eventually develop back pain that they will experience well into adulthood. These habits are much harder to kick once they have moved with the child into adulthood. When a child visits a chiropractor, these poor habits are addressed and changed. This can improve your child’s range of motion and coordination, which is important during childhood when the child is still developing and growing.  Helps With More Than Spinal Improvement: Chiropractors go through much of the same schooling that a doctor does. This allows a chiropractor to provide nutritional advice, as well as advice about addition and fitness. This is important to ensuring that your chiropractor has a better idea of your overall health and provide tips that can not only help improve your health, but also your chiropractic treatments. Those with a healthier lifestyle take to chiropractic treatments more easily.  By knowing some of the reasons for visiting a chiropractor, you can better understand why it may be right for your specific lifestyle...

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Suffer From Migraines? What You Should Know About Chiropractic Care

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As a migraine sufferer, you understand how difficult it is to find an effective treatment that not only gets rid of the headaches, but keeps them from coming back right away. You may be surprised to find out that routine visits to a chiropractor could make a difference. In order to understand how chiropractic treatment can help, you need to understand what migraine headaches truly are and what to expect of the treatments. Here’s a look at what you should know. Understanding Migraines While you may be aware that you suffer from migraines, you may not understand all of the symptoms and the changes that your body goes through before your migraine episodes begin. Migraine headaches are neurological in nature, and they can be triggered by specific irritants or may occur spontaneously. For patients who experience migraines, the headache pain is the most widely-recognized symptom. What some don’t realize, though, is that the days leading up to a migraine can often be filled with sensitivities to things such as visual disturbances, light sensitivity and difficulties with noise. Once the headache pain subsides, you may even struggle with fatigue and a lack of concentration. Exploring the Chiropractic Exam The initial exam with the chiropractor will include a discussion about your medical history. During this discussion, he or she will ask about the onset of your migraines, how often you experience them, where the pain is located and how severe that pain is. You may also need to provide details about other symptoms such as nausea, light or sound sensitivity or any visual problems that occur along with your headaches. After the medical history review, the chiropractor will start a physical examination. He or she will look at your posture, muscular symmetry, neck and shoulders. Tension and spasms in the neck muscles are often a cause for headaches like these, so the chiropractor will look for any signs of problems like these. Focusing Your Treatment Once the chiropractor has completed the physical examination and identified any misalignment, joint problems or muscular issues, he or she will tailor the treatment accordingly. Any physical manipulation will be focused on those isolated problem areas to help ease the tension and discomfort. For example, if you have tension or misalignment in your neck and shoulders, the chiropractor will work to manually adjust your spine and neck positioning. Depending on the cause of your migraines, your chiropractor may recommend that you seek routine treatment as a way of keeping them at bay. If you have joint problems or alignment issues with your spine, regular appointments for adjustments are the best way to maintain your...

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Chiropractic Therapy: Beneficial Even When Joints Are Swollen From Arthritis

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Many Americans with arthritis can reap the benefits of chiropractic care even when their joints are inflamed, swollen. This type of therapy is also beneficial to people who suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Types of Chiropractic Therapies Some people think that chiropractors only perform spinal manipulations or adjustments, but in reality, they take a holistic approach to treating the individuals and their conditions. Spinal manipulations or adjustments aren’t advisable for arthritis patients when their joints are swollen or inflamed. These may actually exacerbate the condition, but other treatments can be quite beneficial. These therapies include:  Laser Therapy. This type of therapy uses a light that doesn’t create heat. The light penetrates deeply into the swollen or inflamed tissues. This often helps decrease the inflammation or swelling present with the arthritis. Ultrasound treatment. This method creates sound waves when the ultrasound wand is placed on the body and moved over particular areas. These sound waves soothe the body in the same ways that a massage does. As a result, the patient obtains some relief from the stiffness, pain and swelling that afflicts many arthritis sufferers. Trigger-Point Therapy. The chiropractor applies a gentle, yet firm, pressure to a particular area on the patient’s body. The pressure helps minimize the pain in those muscles. Other Ways Chiropractic Care Helps the Arthritis Sufferer The chiropractor can increase your overall fitness by showing you some beneficial exercises. Physical activity also helps ensure that you sleep more soundly at night. This increases your sense of well-being and helps conquer the fatigue that is often present with this medical condition. The chiropractor can demonstrate gentle stretches that help soothe the aches and pains in your body when you do them consistently in your own home. He or she will also demonstrate exercises that help you build endurance, flexibility and strength. These help prevent the back pain that is often present in individuals with this disease. Remember to do the exercises slowly and gently and avoid overexerting yourself.  A chiropractor can advise you about different foods or beverages that may trigger your arthritis pain and cause it to worsen. These include alcohol, sweets, fried or processed foods. Talk with a chiropractor like Summit Chiropractic about the chiropractic therapies that he or she feels will be most helpful in your situation. Both professionals can work together as a team to ensure that your condition stabilizes and that your aches and pains are kept to a...

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Help Win Your Battle Against Back Pain By Making These Changes

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If you’re among the more than 30 million Americans suffering from low back pain, it’s time to take a proactive role in reducing your discomfort and enhancing your quality of life. Finding a chiropractor practicing in your community is a logical first step. Scheduling an appointment sets you up for a back evaluation, adjustment and lower back pain treatment that often consists of several adjustments over the following weeks. You can help out the cause by making a handful of simple lifestyle changes between your treatments. A number of changes to your daily routine, including these three, can help you work toward better back health. Lose Some Weight Weight loss isn’t something that happens overnight, but working toward a healthier lifestyle can be beneficial as a way to begin reducing the pain in your low back. Those who are overweight often have back pain because the extra weight pulls on the back’s muscles. Over time, this issue can pull the spine out of alignment. Although there are myriad ways to attempt to lose weight, the basic formula is to ensure that your daily caloric burn exceeds your caloric intake. You can often achieve this state by adding some cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine, such as walking, jogging or bicycling, and cutting down on high-calorie foods, such as desserts and junk food. Bid Farewell To Stress If you feel that your back pain is worse after a particularly stressful day at work, you’re not imagining it. Pain in the low back can occur or worsen as a result of stress; this emotional state often causes physical reactions such as muscle tightening and poor posture, which can create discomfort. The first step toward reducing your stress is to determine its cause. You can often find results through talk therapy or meeting with an HR rep at your workplace. Making the necessary changes to reduce your overall stress is important for the health of your back. Practice Perfect Posture Whether you’re seated or standing, be mindful of the position of your back. It can be easy to slouch forward, but doing so puts extra strain on your back and can worsen your discomfort. Regardless of your position, it’s important to maintain an upright position with your back above your hips and your shoulders above your back. A good visualization is to imagine a string attached to the top of your spine and gently pulling upward. Maintaining this posture relieves strain on your back and can help you reduce your...

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