Why Chiropractic Care For Migraines Is A Great Option


Everyone experiences migraines a bit differently. Some experience blurry vision or slurred speech when a migraine is coming on. Others primarily feel nauseous. Just as there are lots of different migraine symptoms, there are also lots of different migraine treatment options, ranging from medications to natural therapies. One option well worth considering is seeing a chiropractor. Here are a few reasons why chiropractic care for migraines is a great choice.

You can safely combine it with other treatments.

It is rare for any one migraine treatment to erase them completely. A certain medication, for instance, may reduce your migraine days from 10 a month to 2 — but you're still having migraines. Unfortunately, though, adding a new migraine treatment to your routine often means stopping the existing one. An herb, for example, may not be compatible with the prescription meds you're already using.

This is not an issue with chiropractic care. You can add it "on top" of almost any other protocol you're already using to manage your migraines. As such, seeing the chiropractor is often the step that takes migraine patients from better to best.

It addresses migraines at the root cause.

Doctors do not fully understand the causes of migraines yet, but it does seem pretty clear that tension in the neck and the base of the skull can at least make migraines worse, and possibly even cause them. Chiropractic care addresses this root cause of migraines. It loosens the tissues in this area to reduce pressure on nerves associated with your brain and brainstem. This is a more effective approach, long-term, than just turning to treatments that mask the pain and other symptoms.

It can be personalized for your needs.

Chiropractic care is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Chiropractors can adjust their methods and protocols according to your actual needs. They may adjust your spine differently than another migraine patient's spine based on the way your body is aligned. Chiropractors do more than adjust spines, too. Many provide some level of massage when needed. They may recommend supplements for you, provide hot or cold therapy, and maybe even use a TENS device in areas where your muscles are tight.

If you're struggling with migraines and looking for treatment that can be personalized, is cause-focused, and is safe to combine with other meds, head to your local chiropractor. They can do a lot to care for you and your health. For more information, contact a migraine chiropractor near you.


5 December 2022

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