How A Chiropractor Can Help With Back Pain After An Injury


If you were injured playing sports or during a car accident, you might have back pain from the incident. It can take back pain a long time to go away if you don't heal properly. Consider seeing a chiropractor if you're in this situation. A chiropractor can help with pain and healing. Here are some things they may do.

Provide Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal adjustments are a form of chiropractic care where the doctor uses forceful thrusts on your back to help move your spine. They can also work on your spine with milder manual adjustments. These treatments can take tension from the muscles to help with muscle spasms and pain. The treatments might also help with nerve compression and joint alignment.

You might have treatments two or three times a week when your injury is new. You may need treatments for several weeks, but the frequency should spread out so you don't take the treatments as often once you're healing.

Give Trigger Point Massages

Your chiropractor might also give massages if the pain is caused by muscle tension or adhesions. Relaxing massages improve circulation, which can help with pain and healing.

Trigger point massages are more aggressive. These involve finding sore spots and pressing deeply on them to break up adhesions and scars. This allows for improved blood flow and movement so your flexibility is maintained as you heal.

Give Chiropractic Table Treatments

Table treatments can also help relieve pain by taking pressure off of a nerve. This table is computerized, and it positions your body so nerve compression is relieved. This also allows blood flow to increase to the area while you're on the table so the nutrients in your blood can help speed up healing.

Teach Posture And Exercise Training

Your chiropractor might want you to learn about body ergonomics and posture improvement so your posture doesn't slow down healing. Plus, if you use good ergonomics and have good posture, your risk of future back problems is reduced.

Exercises and stretches are also helpful when you're healing from an injury. If you are more sedentary, you could lose muscle mass. Exercising helps you maintain muscle and build muscle where it's needed. Stretching can also help with range of motion and flexibility.

Your chiropractor may teach you the exercises you need to do at home, or they may send you to physical therapy to learn them under the supervision of a therapist. In addition, your doctor may discuss your general health and ways to improve it. For instance, you may be encouraged to lose weight if you need to since being overweight contributes to back pain.

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9 May 2023

Getting My Back Fixed

One day, in the middle of helping my kids to clean up the house, I lifted a box weird and threw out my back. It was frustrating, but I assumed that it would go away on its own. I was wrong. After trying everything I could think of to resolve the problem, my back still hurt and I couldn't stand up straight. After a week of suffering, I made the decision to meet with a chiropractor. He inspected my back, took x-rays, and figured out that I had slipped a disc. I started a grueling physical therapy routine, but after a few days, things started to improve. Read this blog to learn more about chiropractors.