Marathon Runners Can Use Chiropractic Care To Their Advantage


Running a marathon is really hard work, and so is training for a marathon. With as challenging as this distance is, runners are wise to take advantage of any therapy or protocol that allows them to recover faster and train smarter. Chiropractic care is an example of a therapy that can be really helpful for marathon runners. Here are some more specific ways that marathon runners can work chiropractic care into their training and routine.

See a chiropractor at the beginning of your training plan.

Most marathon training plans start off with pretty low mileage before they begin to really ramp things up. However, the first few weeks of training do set the pace for your whole training program, so you want to be sure your body handles them as well as possible. Getting a chiropractic adjustment before you even begin your training is wise. This way, you can make sure you're doing those early training runs on even legs and a properly aligned spine, which will minimize your chance of injury. This will also help ensure you build the proper musculature to carry you through the rest of your training.

See a chiropractor after your long runs.

When you get to the part of your training where your long runs are 16, 18, and even 20 miles, you need to be really good about caring for your body after those runs. If you so much as step off a curb funny when your legs are really tired at the end of a long run, you may put your spine or pelvis out of alignment. So, having a chiropractic adjustment after each long run ensures this is dealt with early on and has less of an impact on your training. Plus, the adjustment can take some strain off your tissues and let them heal and recover more fully in preparation for the race.

See a chiropractor during your taper.

When you've been training hard for months, finally reaching the final weeks in your training plan — when you taper back your mileage — can be a huge relief. This is your chance to focus on resting and recovering for the race. A chiropractic adjustment in this phase will ensure you arrive at the starting line with your back and joints where they need to be for your best performance.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to integrate chiropractic care into your marathon training. Contact a chiropractic clinic to learn more. Happy racing!


10 June 2022

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