How You Can Benefit From A Massage Therapy Regimen


Massage therapy has been used for centuries by people across a variety of cultures to deal with a variety of concerns, but it has only been in the last few decades that significant research has gone into finding out precisely what the real benefits are. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, a U.S. government agency that handles questions about alternative medicine, has conducted research that indicates that there's more to massage therapy than just the benefits of human touch and getting the blood flowing. Massages can be useful for people with an array of concerns from pain management to cancer.

General Benefits

Massage therapy performed by a professional can provide relief for a slew of potential physical problems, including tight muscles and nerves that have been compressed through various actions, usually repetitive ones. Improved blood flow is also commonly reported. Recipients of treatments have reported improvements in range of motion and overall flexibility, and many find themselves to feel more energized. A number of people say that massage therapy helps them feel more relaxed.

Emotional Concerns

Of the major emotional health issues that people see, such as anxiety and depression, massage therapy appears to be more effective in dealing with anxiety. Stress also plays a role in the progression of a number of diseases, and reducing stress can be beneficial in those cases and for individuals dealing with life stresses in general.

Promoting Healing

The capacity to improve circulation makes massage therapy a popular choice for doctors who are trying to find ways to encourage recovery due to surgeries and medical conditions. It's easy to picture the role that massage plays in sports injury recovery effort, but it's also commonly used to promote healing in patients who've undergone heart surgeries. Anyone who has blood flow concerns, including folks with diabetes, may benefit from massage, too. It has also been noted to encourage reductions in blood pressure.

Chronic Pain

Massage therapy is often recommended for those who have chronic pain issues. Neck pain often responds well to massage, and an issue like a frozen shoulder may as well.

Difficult Cases

Doctors dealing with pain management cases that respond poorly to other options, such as medication, are increasingly encouraged to point their patients toward alternative therapies, with massage therapy being among the most widely accepted. Fibromyalgia patients, for example, are often given massage regimens in order to address their symptoms.

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25 September 2018

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