Three Reasons Chiropractors May Recommend Yoga For People With Desk Jobs


If you work at a desk, whether you're an intern or a high-ranking official, you may suffer from a host of health problems and even more health risks. In addition to being an enjoyable hobby that doesn't require as much physical exertion as running or working out at the gym, yoga's gentle improvements in areas like flexibility and mindfulness can give you a host of other benefits. These benefits can work directly toward diminishing some of your lifestyle risks and improving your health overall. Here are three benefits that make great reasons for office workers to practice yoga on a regular basis.

1. Back pain

Even if you sit in a supposedly ergonomic office chair, the amount of time you spend sitting may increase back pain by causing muscles to tense and stiffen for long periods of time. You're especially likely to get a back injury this way if you don't keep excellent posture at all times throughout the day. Yoga can both help relieve back pain and help prevent further back injuries. It can relieve a sore back by gently stretching back muscles after a long day sitting at the desk, and it can prevent further back injuries by strengthening your back muscles gradually over time so they can support you better and by increasing your range of motion so that your movements are less likely to accidentally pull a muscle.

2. Tension

Whereas your chiropractor can release a great deal of built-up tension each time you visit, a yoga session can release tensions one day at a time to keep you in a more comfortable state throughout your week. This can help prevent injuries related to stress as well as tension-related headaches and other problems. The oftener you can release tension, the better you'll feel. Releasing tensions each day also helps you to prolong the benefits of each chiropractor visit since stress and tension are the enemies of the new range of motion you may gain each time you have an adjustment. 

3. Posture

By stretching all the muscles in your body gently and helping you get a better feel for where they are and how they should be supporting you, yoga can help you improve your day-to-day posture. This is another great way to increase the  benefits of your chiropractic treatment. The problems poor posture can cause are manifold because it can place pressure on your spine and strain the wrong muscles as well as cause other painful problems.

These three benefits often cause chiropractic professionals to recommend yoga, especially to office workers who are at high risk for issues like back problems and repetitive strain injuries. If your chiropractor hasn't previously recommended yoga to you, consult with him or her to determine whether now is a good time in your life to take up yoga.

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6 May 2016

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