***Haves ***

I am trying to collect one patch of each different
Scout Camp name.
Untill I find a list,I will name the ones I have.
If yours is not on here I will trade for it.

Codes to complete name on patch: C. = Camp Cr. = Camper Cs. = Camps S. = Scout Ra. = Ranch Re. = Reservation M. = Memorial W. = Winter These are the ones that I currently have; **Camp Name** **Council Name** C.Alexander Pikes Peak C.Avondale Istroma Area Baiting Hollow S.C. C.Baldwin Cascade Pacific C.Barstow Indian Waters Ben Datour S.Ra. C.Billy Gibbons C.Binachi Choctaw Area Black Range C. Yucca Bolder Creek S.Ra. Stanford Area Broad Creek M.S.Re C.Cottaquilla C.Cherokee Circle Ten Cherokee Hills Painkeswaw C. Chickahominy Constantin Circle Ten C.Dierks NeTseO C.Edgewood Calcasieu Area C.Edgewood C.Frank Rand Great Southwest H.Roe Bartle C.Hi-Sierra Hourseshoe Bend Sam Houston Area Hords Creek Lake C.Lewallen C.Little Lemhi C.Lions Pipsico C.Long Lake Potawatomi Area Lost Pines S.Re. C.Lowden Blackhawk Trail McGregor Smith Re. South Florida C.Makualla Crater Lake C.Masonite Navarro C.Melakwa Oregan Trail C.Meriwether C.Mirimichi Verdugo Hills C.Mooseneah C.Napowan Northwest Suburban C.Oljato C.Parsons C.Pioneer Caddo Area Pirtle S.Re. East Texas Area C.Pico Blanco Monteray Bay Area C.Potomac Salmen S.Re. New Orleans C.Siouan Old Dominion Area Slippery Falls S.Ra. C.Squanto C.Strake Sam Houston C.Tamerack Ten Mile River S.Cs. Greater N.Y. Council C.Trexler Lehigh Toad Hollow Greater Niagara C.T. L. James Ouachita Valley Treasure Valley S.Re. Mohegan C.Towadena Urland Long Horn Area Warren A. Hood S.Re. C.Whitsett Great Western C.William Hinds Pine Tree Willits S.Re. C.Wolfeboro Woodland Trails S.Re. Worth Ranch Longhorn Yawgoog S.Re. Narragansett C.Yocona Yocona Area Council Camps: Central Wyoming Council C. Conquistedor Council Cs. Far East Council S.Cs. Great Rivers Council C. Longhorn Council W.C. Northwest Texas Council Cs. Others Great Trail Butler W C C Cr. Longhorn Council WR,SR2,LSR G E C C.Pahatsi C.Winton Longs Peak Cr. C 7 M Custaloga Town Pioneer C. Circus C.

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