How Diabetes Might Cause Low Back Pain


If you have diabetes, then you know how important it is to maintain tight control over your blood glucose levels. Diabetes that is poorly managed or diabetes that is long-standing can raise the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and renal failure.

Common symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination, and blurred vision. In addition to these, diabetes can also cause low back pain. If you are a diabetic and are experiencing low back pain or other painful muscle conditions, see your chiropractor to learn how he or she can help reduce your back pain without drugs. Here are some ways diabetes can raise your risk for developing back pain and what you can do about them:

Body-Wide Inflammation

Consistently high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can cause your body to release pro-inflammatory substances known as cytokines. When cytokines are released in large amounts, a systemic inflammatory response can be triggered.

Not only can this response further elevate your blood sugar levels, it can also cause muscle and joint discomfort, stiffness, and back pain. While prescription pain medications can help treat your pain, side effects may include a rise in blood glucose levels.

It is for this reason that you may want to consider alternative treatments for your lower back pain such as chiropractic care. Therapeutic massage performed by your chiropractor, along with spinal adjustments can help ease your discomfort without the side effects that pain medications can cause. 

Poor Circulation 

If you have had diabetes for many years or if your diabetes is not well-managed, you may have poor circulation and damaged blood vessels. This can cause pain and weakness in your legs and back. While getting your blood sugar levels under control may help prevent further circulatory problems, it may not improve the condition of existing vessel damage.

Chiropractic treatments such as massage can help promote optimal blood flow to your back while improving circulation. When circulation is once again brisk, you may notice a dramatic decrease in the level of your pain. Chiropractic massage can also help promote restorative sleep patterns, which may help stabilize your blood sugar levels and speed the healing of a sore back. 

If you have diabetes, work with both your medical doctor and chiropractic physician to develop a plan of care that will help maintain optimal blood sugar levels while decreasing back pain. The sooner the cause of your back pain is recognized and treated, the less likely you will be to experience decreased mobility, diminished range-of-motion, and pain progression. 

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31 December 2018

Getting My Back Fixed

One day, in the middle of helping my kids to clean up the house, I lifted a box weird and threw out my back. It was frustrating, but I assumed that it would go away on its own. I was wrong. After trying everything I could think of to resolve the problem, my back still hurt and I couldn't stand up straight. After a week of suffering, I made the decision to meet with a chiropractor. He inspected my back, took x-rays, and figured out that I had slipped a disc. I started a grueling physical therapy routine, but after a few days, things started to improve. Read this blog to learn more about chiropractors.