Chiropractic Therapy: Beneficial Even When Joints Are Swollen From Arthritis


Many Americans with arthritis can reap the benefits of chiropractic care even when their joints are inflamed, swollen. This type of therapy is also beneficial to people who suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.

Types of Chiropractic Therapies

Some people think that chiropractors only perform spinal manipulations or adjustments, but in reality, they take a holistic approach to treating the individuals and their conditions. Spinal manipulations or adjustments aren't advisable for arthritis patients when their joints are swollen or inflamed. These may actually exacerbate the condition, but other treatments can be quite beneficial. These therapies include:

  •  Laser Therapy. This type of therapy uses a light that doesn't create heat. The light penetrates deeply into the swollen or inflamed tissues. This often helps decrease the inflammation or swelling present with the arthritis.
  • Ultrasound treatment. This method creates sound waves when the ultrasound wand is placed on the body and moved over particular areas. These sound waves soothe the body in the same ways that a massage does. As a result, the patient obtains some relief from the stiffness, pain and swelling that afflicts many arthritis sufferers.
  • Trigger-Point Therapy. The chiropractor applies a gentle, yet firm, pressure to a particular area on the patient's body. The pressure helps minimize the pain in those muscles.

Other Ways Chiropractic Care Helps the Arthritis Sufferer

The chiropractor can increase your overall fitness by showing you some beneficial exercises. Physical activity also helps ensure that you sleep more soundly at night. This increases your sense of well-being and helps conquer the fatigue that is often present with this medical condition. The chiropractor can demonstrate gentle stretches that help soothe the aches and pains in your body when you do them consistently in your own home. He or she will also demonstrate exercises that help you build endurance, flexibility and strength. These help prevent the back pain that is often present in individuals with this disease. Remember to do the exercises slowly and gently and avoid overexerting yourself. 

A chiropractor can advise you about different foods or beverages that may trigger your arthritis pain and cause it to worsen. These include alcohol, sweets, fried or processed foods.

Talk with a chiropractor like Summit Chiropractic about the chiropractic therapies that he or she feels will be most helpful in your situation. Both professionals can work together as a team to ensure that your condition stabilizes and that your aches and pains are kept to a minimum.


23 October 2015

Getting My Back Fixed

One day, in the middle of helping my kids to clean up the house, I lifted a box weird and threw out my back. It was frustrating, but I assumed that it would go away on its own. I was wrong. After trying everything I could think of to resolve the problem, my back still hurt and I couldn't stand up straight. After a week of suffering, I made the decision to meet with a chiropractor. He inspected my back, took x-rays, and figured out that I had slipped a disc. I started a grueling physical therapy routine, but after a few days, things started to improve. Read this blog to learn more about chiropractors.