How To Alleviate Tension In Your Neck


Neck pain is becoming more and more common with people who work at a computer desk all day long. Many people sit at a computer desk for eight hours or more a day and they have bad posture. Over time the bad posture can lead to unnecessary strain on the neck and muscles that will cause them to tense or lock up. Here is a simple list of exercises you can do from home to help loosen the tension in your neck muscles.

Tilt To The Side

In a sitting position, make sure that your back is up straight and then gently tilt your head to the right side with your ear touching your shoulder. Hold this position and you should begin to feel the muscles in your neck stretch. Hold this position for thirty to forty-five seconds to fully stretch the muscles and alleviate the tension. Then gently pull the head back to the beginning position and then repeat the process on the other left side.

The Standing Pull

In the standing position, spread your legs apart with your toes facing the wall. Reach around and clasp your hands behind your head then gently pull your head towards your chest. At this point you will feel the muscles in the back of your neck begin to stretch. Release the pull on the head after thirty seconds to reset it back to into the starting position before repeating the process multiple times. Doing this stretch three times a day will help to keep the neck muscles loose throughout the day as you sit at a computer and the stretch only takes a couple minutes to perform.

Look To The Ceiling

In the sitting position, tilt your head to the right side and position your chin towards your shoulder. In this position attempt to look over your shoulder at the ceiling and you should begin to feel a pull in the neck muscles. Hold the stretch for about a minute before resetting your head and then do a couple shoulder rolls before restarting the process and doing the stretch on the left side.

These stretches are meant to keep your neck muscles from tensing up and should begin to decrease neck pain. If you still encounter a significant amount of neck pain and the stretches are not helping, you should consult with a professional chiropractor like Dr. Brian C. Gibson Chiropractic who has an understanding of how the neck muscles work and can fix the problem.


30 September 2015

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